Unique drywall tool from Dryscan, saving you the hassle of having to measure for electrical boxes, air vents, and more!DRYSCAN- A UNIQUE DRYWALL TOOL FOR ALL!



ICan Global Trading introduces an amazing yet effective tool for anyone wishing to install drywall or gyprock. From do-it-yourself homeowners to professional drywall installers, everyone is sure to be thrilled with the results!

Drywall or gyprock can be a pain to install when you need to cut out spaces for electrical boxes, air vents, cable, telephone connections, etc. If your measurement is slightly off, you may end up wasting your whole drywall board, which can be a costly exercise in frustration!

But with our Dryscan drywall tool, any size and any shape can be cut - no more measuring!

Go ahead and install your drywall first, then use the accurate DRYSCAN drywall tool to locate and mark all electrical boxes, air vents, etc, which are hidden from sight after the drywall board is installed.


click here for detailed instructions and video

Our I Can drywall tool is simple and accurate!



STEP 1 -
Place the insert into the electrical box, air vent, etc.





Using the Dryscan drywall tool from ICan eliminates the need for precise measuring



Step 2 -
- Fit the drywall board onto the wall and locate the box.
- Mark an entry point by pivoting the tool on to the scribing point and press.




This amazing drywall tool concept helps you cut out a precise section of drywall - no fuss, no mess!



Step 3 -
Insert a router or drill at the mark and cut out, applying pressure towards the box outline to guide the cutting tool.

Dryscan is a product developed by Ican Global Trading, West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Click here to find out more about our Dryscan product!

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